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Rudy El Ojail

Lebanese Architect, Born & Raised In Beirut, Under The Sign Of Leo Which Embodies His Corporate Identity & Signs Most Of His Daring Projects.

With A Well Earned Degree In Architecture From Beirut Fine Art Inba 2, He Sets Himself At An Early Age To Big Challenges, Sketching, Conceiving & Executing Various Projects In Lebanon, Europe, The Gulf Countries & Mena Region.
From Distinguished Palaces, High-end Villas, Residential Apartments To Corporate Projects & Private Resorts.

“ Unleashing Refined Luxury “ … Fueled My Imagination To Dazzling Projects, Tailor Made To Create A Serene & Elegant Lifestyle.

I Have Been Fortunate To Work With The Best High End Quality Products … Fusing With Brands & “Maisons“ Harmoniously , Blending “Hermès“, “Louis Vuitton“ With “Lalique“, Embracing “Daum“ , “Costaboda“ With “Christofle“… Taming Gold, Brass With Silver, All Fashioned With Dreamy Scents, Smooth Jazz Tunes In The Background.

“It Needs Skills & Culture To Fuse & Diffuse …”

Where We Brainstorm :

Different Skills , Experiences & Cultures … All Fuel My Inspirations …
Sur Mesure Projects , Are Brainstormed In The Retreat I Created In My Working Offices , Lab & Private Spaces To Set Me In The Right Mood To Conceive & Escape From Daily Life Burden …
I Need Peace Of Mind , Body & Soul To Regenerate , Reboost , Refine …. To Do What I Love & Enjoy Much , Fuse & Diffuse …


Ancre Projects

“ Architecture Creates The Audacity & Respect Of The Project , While The Interior Fascinates & Makes It Beat With Passion … “

The Lion’s Den

A New Approach To Luxurious Architecture


“The Balanced Composition Of The Space Confirms That It Is Possible To Create Perfect Harmonies Through Extremly Eclectic Choices .”


“My Passion For Artistic Exploration In All Mediums Has Continued To Infuse My Work With Originality And Thoughtful Attention To Detail .“



Lifestyle Is The Legacy That Inspires & Fuels Exquisite Scenes To Your Life Escapes …


Ojail Corporate Company

Where We Brainstorm



Private Nest

Inside Media

Events, Moments & More

“A Man Travels The World To Search & Conquer … & Returns Back Home To Find That His True Treasures Are Hidden In His Best Moments … “